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Adapting to Corona limitations and a new book about grooming Schnauzers

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Time is passing. I have not written my blog in a long time. We have undergone overly complex medical examinations, which we otherwise perform every two years, and both are healthy. Bruce is becoming more and more lazy and casual, which I attribute to the age that is already knocking on his door (9 years). On the other hand, Pip is a continually active and communicative sweetheart who is never fed up with games and other "more serious activities". The coronavirus, which holds the entire globe in its grip, also has a significant impact on our lives and endowed us with less activity and limited social life. We all gained some weight and became a little lazier. There is more time for cuddling and repeating the old or learning new tricks. Especially in the evenings, both dogs regularly beg for activity and, if I do not respond, they sit in front of me, barking and performing the "asking for something" pose. They are cute but can be also quite tiring, especially when I do not have the time for games at that exact moment. Sometimes the begging lasts even for a quarter of an hour, but if I don't respond and ignore them, they finally find out that this time there will be nothing and go to their beds. I have devoted a lot of time to our breed club in recent months. I am happy with the progress. Members are largely willing to cooperate and learn. In addition to bureaucratic matters, which do not run out, and in the absence of "live" meetings, we find ourselves quite well in online meetings, so that Corona did not manage to stop us completely. I spent the winter writing our first book on schnauzer grooming. Co-author Tadeja and I were writing, correcting, supplementing days and days, and at some point, we both said that it was enough and that the content was ready to be printed and published. I am satisfied with the finished product. I have never read such complex and transparent material on this topic by now. The book has just come out of the printing house and is “still warm” and the club will start sending it to subscribers in the coming days. I am really looking forward to the response and I sincerely hope that it will prove to be a valuable help for all who need it. The book can be ordered only through our breed club ( and is available only in the Slovene language.

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