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Slovenian Junior Champion 

Croatian Junior Champion

Croatian Champion

Slovenian Champion

Austrian Champion

Italian Champion

Hungarian Champion

Champion of Bosnia and Hercegovina

Champion of Federation BiH

Slovenian Grand Champion

Austrian Grand Champion

International Champion

Slovenian Veteran Champion

Second best champion male on EDS 2016

Second best champion male on EDS 2019

Alpensieger 2017

Hungarian Club winner 2018

Slovenian Club Winner 2019

Diploma di Selezione (ENCI)

Riproduttore selezionato (ENCI)

Born: June 7 2012

Breed: Standard Schnauzer Pepper and Salt

Sex: Male


World Winner 2011, European Winner 2010, International Champion, Croatian Champion, Croatian Junior Champion, Croatian Grand Champion, Croatian Veteran Champion, Austrian Champion, Slovenian Champion, Hungarian Champion, Slovakian Champion, Luxembourg Champion, Top Standard Schnauzer 2009, Top Schnauzer in Czech  2010, Top Schnauzer in Belgium 2010, Croatian Club Winner 2009, Mediterranean Winner 2009, Club Junior Winner CRO 2008, Hungarian Club Winner 2009, Croatian Club Winner 2010, Zagreb Winner 2010, Croatian Club Winner 2011, Czech Club Winner 2011



International Champion, Serbian Champion, Croatian Champion, Croatian Junior Champion, Vice World Junior Winner 2009, Club Winner 2011

Register No. SLRSs – 000397 (Registered in Slovene Stud Book, Slovene Kennel Club)


Microchip No. 191100000549096 


Breeder: Monika & Damir SKOK, Kennel SALTUS ZE ZÁHRABSKÉ FCI 



  • Free of dysplasia: HD A & ED B/L - International Certificate

  • Eye examination: Free of

    • MPP


    • Katarakt – kongenital

    • RD

    • Hypoplasie – Mikropapille

    • CEA

    • Entropium / Trichiasis

    • Ektropium / Makroblepharon

    • Distichiasis

    • Korneadystrophie

    • Katarakt – not kongenital

    • Linsenluxation

    • PRA

  • Heart normal - Doppler ultrasound tests 

  • DCM: Healthy - carrier

  • DNA profile

  • DNA deposited


Breeding evaluation excellent (I.)


Height 51,5 cm


Length 51 ,5 cm


Weight 22 kg



The mental balance of Xent makes him a joy to me and my family. Xent is a dog with a sound temperament. He is very stable, confident and self-assertive. He is sure of himself and investigates what he is unsure of. He handles his environment with confidence and without fear. Xents’ approach to life and his environment is curious, assertive and investigative. If startled or frightened, he recovers quickly from his fright. He is an excellent pet and worker. He is well trained and easily handled.


Training: basic socialization training for puppies, levels A and B-Bh obedience, rally obedience basics, advanced  obedience and natural ability test for IPO (excellent)


Xent started training as soon as he had his course of vaccinations, even before he was 3 months old.  He started with puppy school and continued with rally obedience, a dog sport based on obedience. He also passed obedience & behavior in the urban environment exam (B-Bh) and has been upgrading obedience with constant training since then.

Only frozen semen is available


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