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Christmas and dogs

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Christmas holidays are over, and I am recuperating holiday impressions. I am sad as the same story has been repeating every single year. Cute photos of animals as gifts, some looking as plush toys, decorated with funny Christmas adds like hats, red jackets, colorful lights etc. And all these fireworks … oh, they are the biggest horror for all animals, not only our dogs.

Dogs are not objects, they are not human, they are not gifts ... They are our greatest friends, ultimately faithful, loyal and totally dependent on us. Holidays are for us people, therefore they should pass as normal as possible for dogs, without unnecessarily disturbing them and their daily rhythm, without human food that is not friendly to them, without harming their dignity by dressing them up with Christmas lights, caps, Santa’s dresses, without cracking and flashing, without too loud music ... Responsible owners will never expose their dogs to all the unnecessary excitements and abuse - psychic and physical.

Our dogs do not deserve this. Animals are the one who can make us better human and therefore we must create the best life for them!

This is merely a symbolic image, as my purpose is not to point my finger at anyone.

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