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It's no longer a secret, a new puppy is coming

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

I don't know if I've thought everything enough and defined all the pros and cons, but my whole family made the decision. There is still time for a new puppy boy. We still have the will, energy, and health to raise a new canine child. Life can whenever surprise and stumble you anyway, even when you're still young (my husband and I aren't young anymore, even though we still feel that way).

After decades of coexistence with schnauzers, the expectation of a new one is no longer a "replacement" for a lost friend, and above all, it is not euphoric. It is a calm expectation, without any fears. Life will continue to flow normally. The way of life, its rhythm, and schedules will continue to be dictated by our dogs. Just like we're used to. We are ready and are happily anticipating what awaits us. This curiosity fills me with positive energy and full readiness for everything, good and bad. Shall I be able to take care of everything? The puppy is like a block of butter. You can make anything out of it, only if you know how to shape and knead it.

This autumn will be especially lively. It will be all the first time again: the first coming to our home, the first mutual acceptance, the first time at the vet, the first day in puppy school, the first time in the new environment of the city and the countryside, the first meeting people close to us and their dogs and other animals, the first show (I hope), etc. I look forward to all of it. I am facing again a challenge and a great desire to succeed.

This puppy will be (already is) »totally ours," as it is a descendant of my Bruce and my friend's beautiful Spicy. They have already proven themselves as "Sire & Dam" of good offspring. Their beauty, healthy bodies, and admirable stability will, hopefully, also be attributes of our new boy. But if something goes wrong, we will always be able to say: "He's our child," and we will sincerely mean it. Love for him will certainly not run out.

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