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Just for fun - my sons versus my schnauzers

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

After my sons have grown up and made me very happy and proud of them and after I've raised my five schnauzers, I can draw some comparisons between one and the other.

• My schnauzers have the same position as my sons when they were still small. They are very important.

• I wish my sons only the best. The same goes for my schnauzers.

• My sons were often tiring but very cute as small boys. My schnauzers are tiring and very cute their whole life.

• When raising my sons, I listened much more to my heart than to my mind, so I was often nervous because it was not always as expected. I was much more principled and less nervous in raising schnauzers. In fact, raising my schnauzers has been more fun than raising my boys.

• When my sons entered the teenage age, they became very smart. My schnauzers keep being as little children all their life, and I am always the smartest in their eyes.

• I am the type of person who loves physical contact with beings I love. My sons try to avoid it, but my schnauzers are happy to cuddle with me anywhere and at any time.

• My sons have become independent and their free time is very limited. My schnauzers always have all the time in the world for me without asking for it.

• My sons often oppose me, my schnauzers always agree with me.


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