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It is high summer and nothing special is happening. For many years, since we have had dogs, we have been reducing our activities during summers. For the sake of the dogs. Going to the seaside in the mid-summer was a must when our sons were younger but as soon as they grew we started postponing the holidays on see to September or even stayed at home for the whole summer. For the best of our dogs.

Since my last blog, some important things happened. Bruce's puppies were born (and are already in their new homes), both dogs were more then excellent on this year EDS in Wels and Bruce was BIS 2 on our special show. I also mustn't forget some great professional and private achievements of my sons. So everything is OK. Nothing very special, but OK.

Thanks to my parents I own a small, modest house in the mountains, in the Alpine region of the country and have a big privilege to enjoy staying in the purest nature whenever I want to. This place is our shelter from the heat of the city, from crowds on Adriatic coasts, and from the epidemic of too quick life in general. Life here is idyllic in every, even romantic way. I like it and the dogs certainly also like it. A lot. That much that they show signs of sadness when going back to the city.

Our days here are passing by in a kind, lazy way. Every morning a hike, later lounging around the house in the shade, chilling in the creek by the house, lots of cuddling and occasionally swimming in the nearby lakes or hiking in one of the alpine valleys, which are quite a few nearby.

Thus our summers are subordinated to the advantages of our schnauzers - and they are kind to us as well.

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