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Bruce has become a veteran!

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

I did not write my blog for a long time, for too long… A lot of unpleasant things were going on. Heavy and complicated. We often say to ourselves: We will not give up! I did the same… and survived. I did not share those morbid themes with my blog because it is aimed only for my sincere love for schnauzers and they have nothing to do with “that”.

However, I have something to put into words today. Bruce will become a veteran tomorrow. This fact made me quite a bit dizzy and threw me off balance for a short time. These eight years with him have passed strangely quickly, especially when I think about everything we have experienced and where we have been to! I do not know how it is possible, but time sometimes really passes with different speeds in different matters.

When he was born, I never dreamed I would have a new dog soon. We already had a pair of schnauzers at the time, an old but still bouncy miniature Vento and a highly tempered standard schnauzer Tobi. Tobi was already ill, and we already had some quietly made plans about a new dog, but they were pushed far into the future. Then, just two weeks later, we had to let him go. There is nothing to be said about that monstrous moment. We have all been there at least once probably…

I saw Bruce for the first time as quite small, 5 weeks old. I admit I have no idea about which one was Bruce among many little cute grey heads. Three weeks later I traveled to the breeder to take him to my home. He seemed so tiny and helpless to me! But we immediately liked each other… Bruce found his new protector in our little granddaddy Vento, who was more than twice the size of Bruce then, and felled in love with us instantly. And vice versa.

Coming home

A new puppy in the family meant that there were many new situations for all of us for quite some time. Bruce was constantly with me. I was forced to become a real athlete because he required a lot of activities - physical and mental. He was an excellent student at school, excellent at shows, but at home, he has quickly become an indispensable factor due to his calmness. He has brought an extra feeling of security and stability to the family.

Once a continually active dog became a lover of laziness and cuddling over time. I kind of overlooked when this started to become normal. He likes calmness but loves also to have everything around under his control at the same time. Wherever we are, he will find a comfortable corner, from which he will have an overview of everything. Other dogs do not mean much to him any longer. The once-perfect pacifist is now clearly grumbling about how close another dog can come. On the other hand, his desire for females is growing. Interesting.

Living with a mature dog is the best you can experience and is very pleasant. When I want physical activities on my own, he will still participate with the greatest joy, when I am lazy, he will not mind.

He has never been so handsome and so masculine in all his years. He has never shown himself so proudly as he does now. He looks stunningly good. Great shape, fantastic coat, well trained, stable, and kind.

He will still obey my every command, though we train much less than we used to, but reacts often with a cynical hesitation as if he wanted to comment: "Do you really want this ?!" He knows and understands everything anyway but sometimes he will find a certain command a little bit silly. But training a true “school” obedience or performing in the show ring is a different story. There are no delayed responses to commands. He knows and respects that.

I just cannot wait to take him to the show as a veteran.

Bruce today - posing for FairyTailStories M&J

Although joining the veterans is a big turning point in a dog’s life, I hope we are only on half of our common life. We will hopefully grow a little older together, but above all, I hope we will enjoy every moment in many more years to come. Let us just stay healthy!

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